A fun trick for iPhone users: Enable iPhone emoticons and smiley faces on iPhone 5 or iOS 6!

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iPhone Emoticons Tutorial

(Note: We have updated this iPhone emoticons tutorial for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Click here to see the iOS 5 version of the tutorial.)

How to enable iPhone emoticons and smiley faces on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6:

Have you ever seen people sending iPhone emoticons and smiley faces via text message? I found myself wondering, “How the heck did they just send me a picture of a little pile of poop with eyes?!” Well today you will finally know how to join in on the fun by enabling the Emoji keyboard.

ASK Designs put together a nice picture tutorial so you can emote the day away:

1. Go to Settings

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step One

2. Hit General

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Two

3. Now go to Keyboard

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Three

4. Choose Keyboards

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Four

5. Select Add New Keyboard

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Five

6. Scroll down to Emoji and add it

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Six

7. Let’s test it out in a new text message! Just click the globe icon in the lower left.

iPhone emoticons Tutorial Step Seven

If you have added the keyboards of any other language(s) in the past, you may have to tap the globe more than once. When you see the emoticons, you know you have hit the globe the correct number of times!

8. Just hit the globe icon again to switch back to your regular keyboard.

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For the most part, the emoticons are the same but I have noticed a few new smileys and other cool stuff.

That iPhone emoticon with Ray Bans on is one cool cat:


Our Favorite iPhone Emoticons

Lucien’s Favorite iPhone Emoticon Friend:


Amanda’s Favorite iPhone Emoticon Friend:

Amanda's iphone emoticons

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-ASK Designs
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